Students praise their top professors

By Sophia Gerner
September 22, 2021

Whether positive or negative, college professors leave an everlasting impact on every student they encounter and teach.

Professors are almost like fingerprints. Students can never find two alike. On top of that, every student has different and sometimes conflicting views about the same person.

To some students, professors can be seen as a bore or a nuisance, but to others, professors can be an inspiration and a mentor that changes a person’s life forever.

In the end, students deserves to have at least one professor who really pushes them and motivates them to be the best they can be in every aspect of their lives.

While walking through campus, Cabrini weighted in on one question: Who is your favorite professor at Cabrini and why?

Dr. Ruta. Photo from Cabrini’s website.

With so many different options to choose from, not many people actually had the same answer.

Junior psychology major, Malik Bailey said Dr. Clair, assistant professor of psychology, was his favorite professor because of her outgoing personality, positive attitude in helping her students and the fact that her classes are always fun.

Dr. Primiano. Photo from Cabrini’s website.

Many students even picked professors outside of their intended major as their favorite.

Regan Hoyt, English and secondary education major, said her favorite professor was Dr. Primiano because, “he made all of his classes come to life, and he was an amazing person inside the classroom and outside; he was really a big inspiration to me.”

Catherine Sexton, junior education major, said mathematics instructor, Professor Madway, is her favorite because

Professor Madway. Photo from Cabrini’s website.

“he is always there to help you and work around your schedule to set up times to meet.”

Sexton said that being on the swim team makes it harder to stay in contact with teachers due to later practices, and Madway was always eager to help her no matter what time, day or night.

Maiya James, junior health science major, also picked someone from the mathematics department for many of the same reasons.

Professor Shahrtash. Photo from Cabrini’s website.

James said her favorite professor is Dr. Shahrtash because he is so flexible when it comes to helping with tutoring and making himself available for meetings even if the times weren’t within his office hours.

With professors being pretty much the only adults in student’s lives during this period of transition, many students look up to them to lean on, encourage them and remind them of what is important.

Cabrini University has so many great professors on its campus, and these are just a few.

Editor’s note: Dear Cabrini faculty and staff: We appreciate everything you do for your students and we wouldn’t be here without you. Please continue to push us and encourage us to do the best you know we can be, not only within our college years but after we graduate and go off on our own.  – Your Cabrini Students

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Sophia Gerner

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