Dear Accepted Students: Brace yourselves for a few uncertainties  

By Sophia Gerner
April 4, 2022

Infographic made by Sophia Gerner, Thomas Ryan and Marcus Alvarez.
Infographic made by Sophia Gerner, Thomas Ryan and Marcus Alvarez.


That word sums up a recurring theme that should not be at the forefront of Cabrini’s brand as new students start making critical decisions about committing to schools. While incoming freshmen already shoulder uncertain expectations of their first year of college, Cabrini University is not making the solid strides to ease anxieties, especially in the midst of massive change.

Ending the school year with the resignation of a president, talks of massive curriculum changes and COVID-19 restrictions being lifted may change the minds of many incoming freshmen. 

Do these unknown variables show a promising, reassuring future for the university?

Resignation of a President

Current students are in the process of picking classes for the upcoming semester, while the Board of Trustees are busy picking a new leader for the school. 

With so many questions left unanswered, when is the community going to be updated with new information? May 1, National College Decision Day, is fast approaching and are students going to know the full truth about what Cabrini will look like come fall 2022?

“A transition plan is underway, and details will be announced by Amy Lambert, Board of Trustees Chair, as soon as they are available,” President Taylor said in his resignation email. 

These ambiguities bring little comfort to students who would like to know who will steer the ship in the meantime.

It has been over a month since the email was sent out. The students have heard nothing on any interim president or if the search has begun for a new full-time leader. 

Rapidly approaching is June 30, what is scheduled to be Taylor’s last day. 

“I will leave Cabrini knowing that the future is bright for the university,” Taylor said. 

Curriculum Changes

The university is in the process of unveiling a new curriculum in accordance with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). All incoming freshmen are going to have to take brand new courses. 

The issue with these courses is they will not be offered each semester. This will mean that the students must pass the courses the first time they attempt them, or it can cause them to fall behind fairly easily. 

As a freshmen, you will not be able to test out of certain classes such as writing. What are these specific courses? What other classes will be required?

The curriculum is changing, new classes are being arranged and new ideas are being generated. What does this mean for students, faculty and staff?

COVID-19 restrictions being lifted

What does a full academic year look like with lighter COVID-19 restrictions? What is Cabrini doing to alleviate the nerves of anxious parents and students? 

COVID-19 restrictions are slowly being lifted by the state and Cabrini University. The potential for a full academic year with no masks is a reassuring feeling. A glimmer of normalcy shines bright; however, we saw the same potential this time last year. 

The university has a lot of questions that students would want answered before they decide to commit to Cabrini. What is the university doing to mitigate declining enrollment numbers and to reassure possible incoming students that Cabrini is the correct choice for them, despite all the uncertainties?


We hope to have some answers for you soon. 

It’s time for our leadership to be more transparent about the university’s direction.

Decisiveness is what we need – not uncertainty.

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Sophia Gerner

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