Davis recall raises questions in Calif.

By Staff Writer
September 11, 2003

The California election recall of Governor Gray Davis has put the citizens of the Golden state in an uproar.

Davis’ ordered a recount of those running for office as governor after his Thursday, Aug. 14 realization that there are 135 candidates on the ballot. This would create a 39-day delay in finding the victor of the race. The last time so many candidates were listed was in the 1914 election with 48 candidates.

Davis’ credibility and ground for re-election is shaky with the varied backgrounds of his more appealing republican and democratic counterparts. Supporters of Davis’ expulsion pinpoint his shortcomings on his inability to administer and report honestly what the correct amount of the state’s budget was.

The estimated cost of the special election will cost between $42 million and $55 million.

Davis’ primary democratic opponent would be his own Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante. Bustamante, in a news conference said “he entered the race, even though he opposes the recall because Davis’ viability is in question and Democrats need a strong alternative.

Davis has several republican equivalents, the most publicized being actor Arnold Schwarzeneger and California senator Tom McClintock, among others.

According to rescuecalifornia.com, the recall ballot will contain two parts. The first will be a question asking whether or not Governor Davis should be recalled or not. The second part will list candidates who would like to replace Davis.

The recall election will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 7.

Posted to the web by Cecelia Francisco

Staff Writer

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