Dance team debut at Homecoming

By Staff Writer
October 7, 2005

Jerry Zurek

Cabrini’s dance team aimed to captivate when they unveiled a newly choreographed dance on Saturday, Oct. 1. Instead, they mildly entertained the audience with their debut at the men’s soccer team’s homecoming match against Gwynedd Mercy College.

The months since their last performance certainly brought about a series of changes for the dance team. In fact, last year’s dance team has received somewhat of a facelift. They have new uniforms, freshly choreographed dances and fewer dancers.

The number of young ladies on the team was significantly reduced to an estimated 25 members. Included among the 25 dancers are two captains and several new faces.

According to senior Kharisma McIlwaine, “What makes us more interesting this year is that we have new people; with new people, we have a different energy, a good energy.”

Motivated to show off their new and improved team at homecoming, they began practicing the third week of school. For almost three weeks, the members of Cabrini’s dance team studied and learned new choreography.

They were truly excited about being able to display and represent themselves as a new team. Not only did they change their appearance, but they also had several new dances, which they were fully prepared to showcase. Finally, after practicing for weeks, the day that they anticipated had arrived. This would be their moment of truth, their one chance at presenting an improved dance team.

During half-time, as the soccer team left the field, the members of the dance team made their entrance in front of the crowd. Moments after appearing, their performance began. Finally, the moment that they had practiced for had arrived.

Moments after appearing, their performance began. Though they practiced diligently in anticipation of this day, within the first couple of seconds all hopes of a smooth performance vanished. Their stereo system instantly malfunctioned.

The lack of functioning sound equipment left the team dancing to music that was hardly able to be heard by the performers and especially the audience. Signs of confusion and nervousness became clear from the very beginning.

Because they could not hear their music, the dance team was forced to rely upon their memory. Despite the technical difficulties, they showed dedication and continued on with their show. As a result, there were several obvious problems that did occur.

Though they tried to maintain a uniform rhythm, the task proved difficult without the music as a guide. At times, a few of the girls could be seen moving at their own pace, rather than keeping an appearance of unison.

The dance team kept its composure, and it certainly paid off. The audience may have been a little perplexed initially by the sight of the dance team dancing without music, but, eventually, their confusion turned into interest. Quickly forgiving of their rocky beginning, the crowd gave their attention.

Managing to overcome their nerves and minor technical difficulties, the dance team fulfilled their duties as part of the half-time show. Though they were unable to introduce themselves in the fashion that they had imagined, the fact remains that their hardships at homecoming definitely displayed their dedication.

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Staff Writer

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