Dance team captains respond to article written about their performance

By Kimberly Larentowicz and Chris
October 21, 2005

We, Christine McLaughlin and Kimberly Larentowicz, are the captains of 2005-2006 Dance Team. We are writing regarding the article that was published in The Loquitur on Oct. 7, 2005 titled Dance Team Debut at Homecoming.

We take issue with this article because we feel that so many facts were incorrectly stated. The Dance Team usually has its debut and is introduced to the public at Midnight Madness. We were asked to perform at halftime of the soccer game because of it being Homecoming Weekend. We gladly agreed to perform a short routine for this event. We also purchased t-shirts for this event. The t-shirts that we wore were just for Homecoming; they are not our uniforms.

As stated in the article, our music was low, and as dancers the music is crucial, but it was not our fault. It is our responsibility to edit the music, which we had done by Craig Vagell who did a great job, and have the CD ready, not provide the sound system. We have been practicing for weeks now, but there is much to do. We have been working on our routine for Midnight Madness along with a completely different routine for Homecoming.

We are very proud of how hard the team is working together. Everyone is very dedicated and committed to the team. There are many references to a “new” team and our excitement to show off this “new” team in the article. We have no idea whoever said we were presenting our self as a “new” team. We never made any comment like that before. Although there are new members, there are many returning members to the team. This year the team consists of 25 girls, 17 of whom are returning, making it 8 new members.

We are not looking for an article to be written about the team that is completely complementary, but this was not written appropriately. It was stated that we were unable to introduce our self in the way that we wanted to, but it does not make sense. How would she have known what we expected from our team when no one ever took the time to speak we either of us. This is one of the many reasons we believe that this article is based on opinions and not facts.


Kimberly Larentowicz
Christine McLaughlin

Posted to the web by Shane Evans

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Kimberly Larentowicz and Chris

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