Dance party:

By Christine Ernest
March 31, 2005

Cecelia Francisco

Many people argue what the secrets to happiness are in life.

I’ve heard answers such as chocolate, sex, love and success.

I really beg to differ.

The secret to happiness, at least in my life, is the dance party.

One of the most important attributes for a person to have is the ability to dance. I’m not talking tap dancing, and I’m not referring to ballroom dancing. I’m certainly not talking about going to a club and getting your groove thing on either.

The “dancing” that I am talking about is the booty-shaking, tearing-it-up in the middle of your office dancing.

It’s having the “I don’t care if my co-workers are watching, I’m going to dance” party.

It’s the “This is the best day in my entire life, and the only thing that can make it better is dancing” party.

A swivel of the hips, a little foot tapping, some necessary hand claps, a sway of the shoulders and a slight head nod is what a dance party is all about.

It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing or if you’ve showered that day. The fact that the people passing by are gawking at you will seem like a little spilled salt, nothing to fret over. Your receding hairline will no longer bother you. The fact that you just lost your significant other and your cat to your former best friend will seem like nothing.

Having a dance party is like taking a nap for the whole world seems to disappear until you are awakened by your alarm clock. In the case of the dance party, it would not be an alarm clock but the music eventually running out.

Throw in a little Electric 6 or Moving Units.

Let the music roar and let yourself just dance.

A non-dancer will never understand a dancer. Unfortunately that means that most of the world will sit there and ponder while I get my rump-shaking thang on usually by myself.

I am fine with knowing this, but for your own sake please try a dance party at least once all by yourself. Wait until your roommate leaves for class. Try it the next time you go home for break.

Heck, even grab your iPod or CD player and get your dance on in the bathroom. The mirror is great to see your moves, and the acoustics are even better if you decide to sing along.

Try it at least once. I’m sure you will thank me later.

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Christine Ernest

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