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By Staff Writer
December 1, 2005

When you are sitting in your room late at night and you feel that little ping in your stomach say, “feed me!” you know you are ready for something filling and convenient. What is more convenient than to just add water to a cup full of noodles, veggies and broth?

The only thing you have to do to prepare this handy meal is add water and stick it in the microwave for just a few minutes. Then all you have to do is wait three minutes for the warm, hot goodness of Cup Noodles made buy Nissin Foods.

My first year here at Cabrini, I can remember me and my quad-mates spending Tuesday night get-togethers watching “American Idol,” and before the show would start, we would run upstairs to cook about eight Cup Noodles and munch on them while we watched TV. Does one munch soup or slurp it?

Compared to the other noodles that you could buy, Cup Noodles lets you eat on the go where others involve cooking it on the stove and much more waiting. There is less of a chance of a mess because you are given a cup to cook the soup in. The only clean up you have to do is throw the disposable cup in the trash can.

The only utensil you would need is a fork or some chopsticks.

Another good thing about Cup Noodles is that they have 15 different flavors so it would be very hard to get bored of them. It is like having a different meal in every flavor. They have all the flavors you would expect like chicken and beef but they also have original flavors like salsa picante chicken and spicy cheese noodles.

Price-wise, the money you would have to put out for a cup of these noodles would be about $.30 more then a pack of Ramen noodles or a pack of Oodles of noodles. The price for one Cup Noodles costs $.49 where a pack of Ramen costs $.19.

Since these noodles are pre-packaged in its own container, it is easy to carry it around with you for lunch at work. Coming from retail experience, in one shift at work I would only get a 15-minute break. There is not much you can do in a span of 15 minutes, so I would bring a Cup Noodles with me for a quick lunch at work.

Within the noodles you can find real vegetables. In a package of Ramen, you receive a block of noodles with a little package to make the broth. Not only do you get the cup with Cup Noodles but you also get the broth powder already included with the noodles.

The broth powder in this munchie is made so that the broth is evenly distributed in the noodles so that in every bite you get an even, consistent taste of the flavor of your choice.

Cup Noodles was introduced to the United States in 1970 and has been so popular that in 1996 they unveiled their giant billboard in Times Square in New York.

So if you are in the middle of writing a 10-page paper or just watching TV and all of a sudden get that rumble in you tummy, grab for a Cup Noodles. It is fast, convenient and easy to get your hands on, especially if you are a freshman and the only way of cooking food is through a microwave.

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Staff Writer

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