Students compete in style with cakes

By MaryKate McCann
February 29, 2012

Students prepare cupcakes to be judged by their peers.

The Cav Corner was set, the judges were ready and the competitors were prepared for war.  A cupcake is a small cake designed to serve one person, but who will fulfill the tasteful requirements to win the judges over?

Cabrini College’s CAP Board invited cupcake bakers all over campus to compete in a cupcake war on Friday, Feb. 17. Four teams gathered in the Cav Corner to decorate their cupcakes for an outstanding presentation with a unique style with many different toppings to choice from.

The students that were not participating were given a piece of paper to rate the four different groups. They were rated numerically, one being the lowest and four being the highest. There were more people than expected to attend this Friday night event.

“Who would turn down free cupcakes?” Paige Taormina, sophomore marketing major, said.

Peter Morrison, senior Spanish major and vice president of CAP Board, helps mentor the CAP Board general assembly to pick an event to run on campus, plan it out and inform the students.

This idea that came from a TV show was a huge hit on Cabrini’s campus.

“Our staff planned this event weeks ahead,” Morrison said. “You have to work with Dining Services and catering.”

Sophomore early childhood education major Alyssa Grenyer was part of the group “Clowning Around.” They made vanilla cupcakes stuffed with whipped cream and strawberries in the shape of a clown. The sound of this has to make your mouth water.

“We planned everything out before we started,” Grenyer said. “We had very good teamwork.”

There was so much to do in so little time.  Time went by quickly, so working together as a team was the only way to get the job done.

Maria Monastra, freshman English major, was part of an all-girl group called “Paula’s Proteges.”

“We are women that love to be in the kitchen,” Monastra said. “We came to win.”

“We made a heart for Mother’s Day,” Leland Taylor, freshman education major, said. “We had a great time; we just love our mothers.”

Taylor’s group, who went by the name “Team Mario Card,” came in second place. “The idea came to us on the spot,” Taylor said.

The results from the students were in and the team that received the most votes was team “Angry Birds.” They based their idea off of the computer and smartphone game, “Angry Birds.” Cupcakes were arranged in a way that they looked just like the game, neatly put together so that it attracted the judges and won the students over.

“Everyone can say they played or heard of the game,” Alyssa Burger, junior elementary education major, said. “We all came together, took first place but most importantly had fun.”

The competition between the four teams was crazy and intense, but in the end it was all worth it.

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MaryKate McCann

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