5 ways to stay productive over break

By Amanda Cundari
November 28, 2012

No.1 – Volunteer around your community.  If you live in or near New Jersey or New York, you should look for projects that are helping people who lost their homes or suffered much destruction due to Hurricane Sandy.  Now more than ever with the holiday seasons coming up organizations are looking for volunteers to help rebuild.  For example, Eyebeam, the leading American organization supporting artists in Chelsea, was hit hard and looking for volunteers to help build.  Triple Canopy, +Pool, NYC Service and the Red Cross are looking for volunteers as well.  Many theaters around New York are also hosting showings and giving the proceeds to those in need.  So check you local websites and see what you can do to help rebuild the East Coast.

No. 2-  Get in shape for summer.  Even though summer seems forever away, don’t let you winter coat get too far off.  Preparing for summer around six months before allows for you to shed the unwanted pounds instead of cramming in the workouts in May.  With all the extra time on your hands, plan to exercise five days a week even if it is for just 30 minutes.  Start your day with a run, a workout video or some quality time at the gym and you will feel more energized and stimulated throughout your entire day.  Get a head start and come back to school feeling and looking great.

No. 3- Celebrate.  After feeling good about working out and volunteering take some time to celebrate.  Not for just the New Year or Christmas but rejoice at your local bar with some close friends that you may not have seen in a while.  Getting out of your house and socializing is not always possible during the school year because of busy schedules.  Don’t forget to enjoy the simpler things in life and grab a bite to eat or a drink at a local restaurant or bar.  Just don’t get to carried away.

No.4- Find seasonal work.  Most department stores or mailing companies such as FedEx and UPS are always looking for help with the holiday rush.  Make some extra cash so you don’t have to ask your parents for money when you go out and “celebrate” over the break.  The extra cash will also come in handy for holiday shopping.  It will also keep you moving and an extra buck never hurt anyone.

No.5- Setting Goals- Setting goals for the Spring semester is a great way to come back to school feeling prepared and driven to get to the next break in the Summer.  Look over your spring schedule and even the syllabuses if they are already posted.  This way when you come back you are not overwhelmed with the workload.  Setting goals is a sensible way to organize your aspirations for the rest of the year.  Look into internships for the summer and you are ready to stay motivated and productive for the whole year.

Amanda Cundari

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