Crunching numbers

By Justin Hallman
January 29, 2004

Mark Garlit

The most important numbers besides Campus Corner come March 14 are going to be 1, 2, 3, and 28,970. On Friday, March 14, 2004, Cabrini College students find out their housing assignments for next year. Just recently, all on-campus residents received a small packet informing us about the Housing Lottery and selection process to be held on February 10 and 11.

I know everyone is thinking, “Great, yet another article on housing.” Believe me, I’ve read enough as well, but this is just too incredible and important of an issue to let go to rest. In order to receive on-campus housing next year, students must currently reside in campus housing this year. So, sorry commuters but if you were hoping to reside on the beautiful confines of Cabrini, you’re out of luck. For all other students, just in case we don’t receive housing, there are three options. This is where those lucky numbers come in.

#1. Being placed on the housing waiting list.

#2. Living in Pennswood Hall at Harcum College (Juniors and Seniors only). Cabrini has leased 40 beds from Harcum College. These spaces will be offered to Cabrini College students on a first come first serve basis.

#3. Finding off-campus housing. Residence Life has a list of local landlords who are willing to rent to Cabrini College students.

Also, let us not forget that last number, the most important one: 28,970. As in, $28,970 or the complete tuition, fees, and room and board that it costs to go to this institution. Now, I’m not blaming Residence Life on this one, I’m pretty confident that they are trying their best to accommodate everyone. I also know it has to be hard with more and more and more students coming in and nowhere to put them. But hey, at least the school is getting more money. You know what, maybe we can put that towards a Science Center! Don’t you need people to live here in order to go to that Science Center, or for that matter, anywhere else on campus?

It makes me mad that I have a chance at not receiving housing next year. I pay all this money to live here, eat here, and learn here. This remains true for every other student too, and this wasn’t in the plans when we applied. I understand it’s too late now and that the higher ups, if you will, have to do the best that they can for the student. I just wish they had seen this in the future, or maybe like every other college does and cut back on costs. For instance, possibly a reduced pay for rooming since doubles are made into triples and lounges into rooms. Wait, who am I kidding, that would reduce the overall money coming from each student! Wow, I’m foolish.

Seriously, Harcum College? Nothing against Harcum, but I prefer to go to Cabrini. I kind of would like to live here.

“Hey buddy, want to go over to the caf

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Justin Hallman

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