New dining on campus, Cabrini CRU5H review

By Amanda Zacharias
September 14, 2019

CRU5H, Cabrini University’s newest dining experience, opened this past Wednesday,  Sept. 11. Students are having a variety of reactions. Overall impressions of the food have been good, and students are optimistic that service issues will resolve over time. 

There are a large variety of items to choose from. The 5 in CRU5H stands for the five different styles of food. These styles include all-day breakfast, appetizers, burgers, Mexican and dessert. In addition, there are add-on items such as fruit, veggies, sandwiches, sushi and microwave meals. 

CRU5H all-day menu. By Amanda Zacharias
Fruit and vegetable options. By Amanda Zacharias

CRU5H’s first customer, Noel Faragalli, senior psychology major, is happy CRU5H is  offering some of her favorites. “I didn’t know if they were going to get rid of my favorite things. So I walked in and they had sushi so I’m really excited about that.” 

Sushi is available in the SimplyToGo case at CRU5H. By Amanda Zacharias


Sophomore, early education major Dori DeVivo enjoyed her meal, “but I didn’t get my guacamole so I’m kinda sad about that. Other than that it’s been okay so far.” 

Sophomore, health science major Nicole Barycki said, “I like the variety. The Cav was getting boring.” 

Senior manager of Sodexo, Sterling Smith C.E.C., has high hopes for CRU5H on Cabrini’s campus. “CRU5H offers something new and unique to the ‘hamburger experience.’ You get a 100 percent fresh hamburger that they (the chefs) hand-made. Then you can finish it off your way or you can actually have it in a funky flavor that we have. We have a ninja that has an Asian experience. We have a south paw that brings the good old Georgia fresh ports and bacon jam to a burger. And we have a Mexican and Latino experience here that is a version like a chipotle experience. We even have milkshakes too.” 

CRU5H offers a wide variety of freshly made items. By Amanda Zacharias


With a new design layout, CRU5H is ready to serve. Some students are missing the cozy comforts the old design had. Senior psychology major, Natalie Wharton said, “I miss Jazzman’s booths because they were cozy. But I like the blue chairs because I love blue.” 

Faragalli enjoys the new and brighter environment. “The other colors were making me feel down when I walked in, but now it is a very light and happy environment.”

Updated dining area. By Amanda Zacharias


Freshman, graphic design major Armani Parker, puts the new system in a way we can all understand, “It’s like Wawa but the campus version.” 

With touch screen ordering kiosks, students can place their order, and soon their payment,  all at once. 

Easy to order touch screens. By Amanda Zacharias
Fan Favorite! Milkshakes are available at CRU5H. By Amanda Zacharias

New menu, new options, new design, new layout and an all-around improved dining experience. Overall, students are enjoying the new set-up and variety of choices that CRU5H has to offer.   

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Amanda Zacharias

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