Crossroads:Britney Spears Not Included

By Jennifer Dalvano
February 28, 2002

photo by Justine DiFilippo

RRROOOAAADDD TTTRRRIIIPPP!!! Don’t you ever just need to escape the normal everyday routine, road trips are what it’s all about. Sometimes in life you just need to be spontaneous, random, and hit the road with some of your friends to help create those memories that last a lifetime.

Here at Cabrini the students can relate all to well to the need for change. Whether it’s just for a day, or for a whole week, a change of pace is always needed to spice up your life a little. The following is a glimpse of the some of the random, wild times students have experienced in the past year.

“It was 12:30 a.m., and a friend and I were bored, so we got in the car, and ended up at Loyola College in Maryland. It was real random, we stayed at a friend’s house and just came back the next day,” sophomore Kelly Wayland said, “It was nice to just pick up and go.”

“We went to University of the Arts for a weekend and boy, was it random,” freshman Anita Joerger says while laughing, “Lindsay Young and I took a cab to get across Philadelphia, who ended up being in a cab with an undercover cop. We got dropped off at the wrong place, and had to walk back to where we needed to get, Lindsay kept picking up these cones and placing them in random places. It was really crazy and so much fun.”

Every once in a while people just get these cravings for certain foods just like Scottie Giblin. “Yeah, me and the guys just felt Mexican food so we drove to Delaware to get some,” he exclaims, “It was a good time.”

“The first official road trip for us girls took place in October. The five Cabrini nut cases made it to New York, even with the obstacle of going the wrong way on 476. The weekend in Nanuet, or as the girls said Nanuk, was adventurous. We all laughed and had a good time in my five-minute town. The events of the weekend, were seeing the yuppie part of town, or just touring the second largest mall in the world. The five of us who traveled two hours made the weekend full of memories, quotes, tears and laughter, and a good time was what was accomplished this weekend away from good old Cabrini,” says Laura Giorlando while reminiscing.

“Feeling the need to get out of this place,” Christine (Stoop) Boffa exclaimed, “Dana and Denise and I picked up and headed for New Jersey. We went to this local bar in my town just for a change of scenery. It ended up crazy. We ending up spending the whole night talking with this police officer and a forty-year-old man who gave advice on how to live life, while informing us these are our the best days of our lives and to make sure that we make them count. The next morning when we were talking about it, we came to the conclusion that pick-up lines must have changed in the past twenty years.”

Memories are what we can look back upon for the rest of our lives. Random road trips along with many other activities help create a more vivid memory to look back on. So next Friday night while you’re sitting in your dorm room complaining about nothing to do, just think RRROOOAAADD TTRRRIIIPPP!!!

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Jennifer Dalvano

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