Crimes against children going unpunished

By Belmonte Kellie
April 28, 2005

Every time I turn on the news there are more stories and reports about children being killed, tortured and mistreated. And every time I see one of these stories I feel completely disgusted. Who are these monsters, and what is wrong with these people?

It seems like every other day there is some insane mother, or some crazy lunatic, who commits some horrifying crime on these children. Sometimes I think that these people just do it because of all the fame they get from the media. Take the infamous Susan Smith case, in which she drowned her two beautiful boys and didn’t even get the death penalty. I will never understand why only some people are given the death penalty and others are allowed to live. This woman took the lives of those two young boys, and she gets to go on living with tons of attention from the media.

It just makes me wonder what this world has come to and how these people could ever do the things they do. There are so many cases of children being mistreated, hurt and killed that we have never even heard about.

It makes me sick to my stomach to know that there is that many demented people out there who find nothing wrong with hurting innocent children. In my opinion, I think that the media is only helping these sick peoples’ cause. In these peoples minds, the more terrible the crime they commit, the more airtime they will receive.

I remember when I was younger, seeing the picture of Adam Walsh holding a baseball bat on candy machines and on TV, and then hearing what happened to him. For those of you who don’t remember the Adam Walsh case, it was a 6 year-old boy who was abducted in a department store and found 16 days later dead. Only they never found his body, but only parts of him. This happened in 1981 before I was even born; however since the story was so chilling, it was repeated for year, and still is to this day. I remember thinking that there couldn’t possibly be people out there to do such horrible things.

But as the years go on, cases like Adam Walsh have almost been a normal thing. And they happen almost everyday. It’s enough to make you never want to bring a child into this world.

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Belmonte Kellie

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