Crabby Creek success

By Giulia Germani
April 23, 2009

Cabrini students and faculty, along with Conestoga students and local families, headed down to Crabby Creek at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, April 18.

The Creek presented plenty of information on the importance to care for our creek along with activities such as duck races for the children.

Crabby Creek is connected to Valley Creek, which is a popular fishing location and historic park.

“If you don’t control the creek, flooding will occur at the bottom from storm water,” said Frank Dohonohoe, a member of Valley Forge Trout Unlimited.

Information of how locals play a role and can help protect the creek in their own back yard was available.

“The best way to think of how to take care of our creeks is, ‘What does a national forest in PA look like?'” Rev. Owen Owens, author of “Living Waters: How to Save Your Local Stream” and chair of Valley Creek Restoration Partnership, said.

Owens mentioned how our manicured lawns do not hold water, which runs off into the creeks, along with the pesticides we put into them.

This causes flooding and harms the wild life in the creek.

Dave Williams of Valley Forge Trout Unlimited gave a nature tour.

“It’s important to put back what’s missing,” Williams said. Such as replanting trees and eroded parts of the creek.

Williams said the key for locals to help is “awareness, appreciation and action.”

The awareness to know what your surroundings are, appreciation for living nearby and action to promote awareness and by helping in any way you can.

There are already locals aware and trying to help.

Outside a house near the creek is a rain garden, which is naturally watered by the run off rain water. It makes good use of the rain water instead of it running off into the creek.

Cabrini biology professor Dr. David Dunbar feels it is important for students to get involved.

“Students are the next generation and they should learn what’s going on and inspire others,” Dunbar said.

Dunbar also feels that the college students can be role models and looked up to by younger kids so they set a good example.

It appears everyone came out learning something about caring for the environment.

“It was very informative and I learned how much of an impact humans really have on the environment,” Delta Beniot, senior communication major, said.

The day at Crabby Creek was a beautiful day and everyone had a good time, young and old. Crabby Creek day appeared to be a great success and great family event that will hopefully return next year.

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Giulia Germani

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