Cows registered to vote

By Lauren Reilly
February 26, 2004

Angelina Wagner

A woman has been fined after registering her cows as voters for the second time. Brenda Gould said that her address was split into two separate properties and attempted to register her cows as the person’s living in the other residence. After trying to do the same with her dog the year before, the East Cambridgeshire District Council “felt it was necessary to take action to prevent this abuse of the election system from continuing.”

Obese pig weighs in

The Chinese government reports that it may have been home to the biggest pig ever. The owner, Xu Changjin, said that the pig, which measured 8 feet 3 inches long, had a girth of 7 feet, 3 inches and tusks over 5 inches long, weighed 1,980 pounds. “It had grown too big to move around,” Liu Mingyu, a professor of Liaoning University said. Mingyu determined that the pig died from lack of exercise.

Tunes to help toddler’s go

A Chicago mom has created a DVD to help toddlers with potty training. The DVD entitled “I Gotta GO!” features music videos with inspirational lyrics and is scheduled to hit stores in the United States in late February. The DVD includes songs such as “Pull Down, Pull On,” a reggae tune with lyrics saying “Bye bye diapers/Hello fun/I can potty by myself/No help from no one.”

Man beaten with own leg

A man in Fredericksburg, Va. was charged with assault and theft after he beat his neighbor during a confrontation. Michael Clapp suspected that Rodney Prophitt, 27, had taken a bottle of medicine from his home and proceeded to question him about the matter. Police report that Prophitt pulled off Clapp’s artificial leg and attacked him, causing numerous facial injuries.

Flasher caught by cell phone photo

A man was forced to resign as the headmaster for Duluth High School after flashing a woman in Georgia. Lisa Johnson said that a man approached her in a vehicle, exposed himself, and then offered her money to show him her breasts. Shocked by his advances, the woman reached for her cell phone, using it to take to pictures of the man and his license plate. Johnson turned the photos into police, leading to his arrest.

Parrot cuts short burglary attempt

A parrot that belonged to a retired police officer stopped an attempted burglary. The owner had stepped out of his flat for a few moments when three men broke into the residence. From another room, the parrot shouted, “Stop! I’ll shoot! On the ground!” When the owner returned, he found the men lying on the floor with their hands behind their heads.

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Lauren Reilly

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