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By Staff Writer
February 19, 2004

Many people have been wondering about different ways to attract prospective students to Cabrini. How about a football or baseball team

The college won’t be getting either team anytime in the near future due to the lack of field space and costs. Athletic Director Leslie Danehy said, “Football and baseball aren’t in our three-year strategic plan.” However, she said, “Never say never.”

Do you wonder what would be necessary to add these sports teams? In order to get a football team, Cabrini would have to obtain space for the actual playing field. The first thing that would have to be done would be to purchase land from Valley Forge Military Academy. Danehy said that an artificial field with lights would cost approximately between $1-$2 million.

Baseball, on the other hand, would require more on a different level. The first step in getting a baseball team would be to acquire land. Then, more staff would need to be hired so that there are enough people for each individual sport. However, the difference is that at least two more women’s sports teams would have to be added in order to comply with Title IX.

Title IX is a regulation that requires that the number of women/men playing sports must be equal to the percentage of women/men in the college. For example, there are more women at Cabrini than men, therefore there are more women’s sports teams than there are men’s sports teams. Right now there are 10 athletic teams for women, whereas there are only seven for men.

Once there is an equal number of men and women at Cabrini, then the college will have the same amount of teams for each sex. However, in order to get either a baseball or football team we would need to attract more men to Cabrini or we would have to add two more women’s sports teams. Don’t count either completely out, because as Danehy said, “Never say never.”

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Staff Writer

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