Corcoran promises change for intramurals

By Leanne Pantone
February 21, 2002

photo by Karen Schweizer

With the sudden resignation of Chris Wrinkler from the position of athletic facility manager, the women’s basketball coach was hired to fill the position. Kate Corcoran has assumed the role of running the intramurals program that Wrinkler had started.

“The position fell into my lap,” Corcoran explained. “Chris Wrinkler left and since I was coaching, it fell.”

Before Wrinkler left, he had some activities placed on the calendar for this semester. Many of these activities have not been executed, leaving students confused as to why.

“Things on the calendar were already set when I took the position. I was unaware of what was going on,” Corcoran said.

Corcoran, however, has implemented some intramural activities for the students, such as indoor soccer, which is currently going on. She is also planning three-on-three basketball, ultimate frisbee and outdoor softball for the future.

Corcoran is welcoming feedback from the students. “If you [students] have any suggestions get in touch with me.”

Corcoran can be reached at extension 3909 or by email at

Leanne Pantone

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