Co-ops: experience now for real world

By Danielle Feole
December 6, 2007

When I came to Cabrini as a freshman, it felt as though the real world after graduation was so far away.

Now, as a junior I realize that everything I have learned so far at Cabrini and what I am still learning now, is going to pay off and the real world is not so far away anymore.

Sitting in my public relations class over the past few weeks, numerous Cabrini alumni have come in to speak about the careers they have obtained in the public relations field and what they did at Cabrini to help them achieve their objectives.

They explained how many courses in college complement each other and what skills will help you once you begin applying for jobs.

Every speaker made sure to focus on the fact of how important obtaining experience is. Without an internship, some high end companies will not even look at a potential employee’s resume twice.

With this being said, I realized that I needed to go out and find experience in the communication’s fields that I am interested in.

I was recently hired as an intern at a small company in Berwyn, called Perfect Weddings. I will follow a wedding consultant and spend time each week learning the process of event planning.

Students should make sure to check out Cabrini’s Co-op Services. You can apply on Cabrini’s homepage and post a resume. There are tons of paid and unpaid internships that are available to choose from.

By choosing an internship from the Co-op site, students are able to gain two credits by putting in 12 hours at your internship each week.

Maggie Walmsley, a junior psychology major, said, “Cabrini’s Co-op Services has a long list of positions that are available for just about any major. I wish I would have applied for one as a sophomore.”

Students can find internships that are offered in the summer, which is nice because you don’t have to worry about balancing an internship, school and a job.

I decided to intern at Perfect Weddings one day a week because I don’t need the credits. I am now in the process of looking for a summer internship.

The speakers stressed how important it is to have at least two or three work experiences under your belt.

I think the more experience and focus you have on the future will only help motivate you and put you on the right track.

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Danielle Feole

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