Convenience over closeness

By Staff Writer
April 10, 2003

Steph Mangold

Stephanie Moritz
sports editor

Living in the houses here at Cabrini is by far the best way to go. Independent living is a major concern with upperclassmen students and you can receive the whole experience in the houses.

First of all, if you live in the houses you don’t have to worry about cleaning your bathroom or kitchen because you still have the cleaning service six days a week (toilet paper included). The apartments do not have a cleaning service, which means you and your roommates are responsible for cleaning your entire apartment, including the bathrooms. We all know what that might look like after a Saturday night here at Cabrini.

The next thing the houses allow is the opportunity to invite guests inside and outside of Cabrini for as long as you wish. How can the apartments be considered “independent” living if you have to sign each and every guest in and out of the apartment complex and monitor the number of quests you intend to invite?

The houses are a much different experience than the apartments. In the apartments, you are placed in a smaller atmosphere while living in the houses, which allows you to become much closer with the students surrounding you. This same experience can occur in the apartments, but you are more confined to three, four, or five people for a longer time and secluded from other students. The houses allow more doors to be open and more socialization to occur.

Smoking is another issue in the apartment complex. For those of you that do smoke, it’s a great living arrangement, but for those who do not then it can be somewhat of an annoyance when you constantly smell of smoke and have to run outside due to the fire alarm. The houses are smoke free. If you do smoke you just have to go outside. This way everyone is happy.

Shannon King
staff writer

Apartment life definitely has its advantages. Not only is living in the Cabrini Apartment Complex a first step toward “independent living,” it’s also really nice to not have to wear flip-flops in the shower.

Cleanliness is always a huge issue on campus and being able to clean your own bathroom and kitchen is a major plus. You know the people you live with and don’t have to worry about some random drunk person wandering in to your bathroom to do who knows what to your shower.

Living in the apartments also gives you the option of cooking meals in a kitchen that is not containing trash from the entire house. Earlier in the year the houses were having this problem, so I hope that by now the situation has been resolved.

When you walk in the houses, it is obvious that they are in dire need of maintenance. The walls need to be painted, the carpets are dirty and worn, and things are falling apart. On the other hand, the CAC is one of the newer buildings on campus and looks a lot nicer. There are problems like hot water issues and fire alarms that are a concern everywhere on campus, so these are just things you have to deal with as a resident anywhere.

When you live in the apartments you are not required to go home on breaks. It is much more convenient to not have to pack up all of your belongings to bring them all back in a week or two.

This year the apartments are mostly seniors. It’s nice to be able to have almost your entire class in one building. It gives everyone a chance to be together one last time before graduation. Being able to live with your closest friends is also nice. I know our apartment is surrounded with pictures from all four years, and we have truly made our apartment our space. Living with friends anywhere on campus is a great experience, but living in a nice apartment with friends is even better.

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Staff Writer

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