Contraceptives aren’t on campus

By Jill Fries
March 19, 2009

Shannon Keough

Abstinence is a rare form of birth control in today’s society.

There are still many schools and individuals who preach it, but let’s face it, Cabrini would be wasting its time.

Colleges should not have to teach abstinence, but should offer methods of birth control.

Now, I am not saying everyone is being irresponsible for having sex with each other, but we are all adults and are going to make our own decisions whether we are lectured about it or not.Each student is responsible for his or her life.

We were taught sex education in high school-what is safe and unsafe. We all know the different forms of birth control or contraceptives. But what can Cabrini do to reduce the risk of unplanned pregnancy?

I think Cabrini should offer different types of birth control.

I have visited several colleges in the past few years and many residence halls leave condoms in boxes in the hallways for residents to take. It may be funny to students, but it is a college’s way of being responsible and giving students a chance to be as well.

I think there should be boxes left by the health services office as well. However, birth control pills should not be available in my opinion, mainly because it is a medication that has many side effects that a school should not be responsible for. That is up to a woman to get from her doctor or a clinic.

Now I admit, some people may say that if a student wants a condom, he or she should just buy one at a pharmacy. After all, we certainly don’t expect free beer on tap in the dorms-we know we have to make a trip out and buy it. Rather than students deciding to take the lazy route and not spend money or find a way to the store, Cabrini should invest in contraceptives. It will just be safer.

There are many other forms of contraceptives that I will not go into because this is a college newspaper and I do not want to go too in-depth if you know what I mean.

But the other forms that will not risk any health problems should also be available from health services at Cabrini, or any college at that.

It all comes down to colleges just being ignorant to the fact that sex is happening. No matter what school you go to, things happen behind closed doors and those in charge should not just turn their backs and pretend it’s not happening.

Cabrini is a Catholic college and those in charge are turning their heads because of the Catholic beliefs. Instead, they must face the facts and supply students with responsible ways to protect themselves.

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Jill Fries

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