Cons of commuting

By Meredith Chadeayne
December 10, 2004

Talking to a commuter I realized there were many cons to commuting to Cabrini. I asked her to go further into them.

The first thing that upset her was the feeling of being left out. She never knew when a dance or event was going on. I asked about the flyers in her mailbox and she informed me she didn’t have a mailbox. Apparently, this year Cabrini College took away commuter mailboxes. Not only does she not receive her campus mail but she had to change her mailing address or receive her mail from her parents who she only sees once or twice a year.

Food was another con she informed me about. Jazzman’s has very good food but it is too expensive for her, and many other commuters, bank account. In between classes it is a waste of time to drive home to get something to eat and spend the rest of the time driving back and forth. Going to the library and doing some work while getting a bite on campus is the smartest choice. I asked her why she didn’t drive to McDonalds or Wawa for something to eat. She replied with again another negative, parking. It sometimes takes fifteen minutes to find parking and then of course the time it takes to walk from the parking lot behind Dickson to the library for her class. Again, Jazzman’s and the library is the best bet. What is she to do?

I myself was stuck in traffic due to an accident. I called the school so they could inform my teacher I may be late. I got to Cabrini five minutes late however spent fifteen minutes searching for parking and another five getting to my class. My lateness caused me to miss the sign-in sheet and not receive credit for the class. I tried to explain to the teacher but if he made an exception for my lateness he would have to make exceptions for everyone.

There are many negatives to commuting that many are not aware of. Talking to one commuter I have learned many. What is Cabrini going to do?

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Meredith Chadeayne

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