Congressman Sestak leads panel discussion during visit to campus

By Chris Campellone
December 6, 2007

Megan Pellegrino

Congressman Joe Sestak led a panel with three distinct personalities on topics ranging from the Iraq War to health care at Cabrini College on Monday, Nov. 19.

The panel included Cadet Sgt. first Class Alfred Heyer from Valley Forge Military College, editor in chief of The Loquitur Kaitlin Barr and executive editor of The Delco Times, Phil Heron.

“Some have likened [the Iraq War] to having dropped an egg and trying to put it back together” Sestak said. Sestak, a retired Navy vice admiral, asked the panel about the Iraq War including whether a date should be set for pulling out troops and whether there is any progress being made stating that.

“The fear is the idea of setting this big specific time frame,” Heron said. The panel seemed to agree on this point.

“I don’t think you can set a date.I don’t think it’s fair,” Barr said.

Some members of the panel tried to argue that progress was being made, but ultimately the questions came down to is it all worth it?

“We’ve had a few names added to our book of remembrance,” Heyer said in reference to the number of Valley Forge graduates who had died in the Iraq War. “People are diverting from the services.”

Sestak brought up the protests during the Vietnam War and pondered if students now are just more apathetic.

However, the panel did agree that the Iraq War was not the only important question for society right now.

Sestak then raised the question, if not for the Iraq War what would be the biggest issue.The panel agreed on health care.

“The signature issue of the next president will be Iraq and health care,” Sestak said.

After the taping was complete Sestak joked that leading the panel was difficult since he couldn’t really “jump in” to the debate.

Sestak also linked the media’s role to Congress, joking that they’re each one of the two most unpopular professions today. Sestak was then asked if how he liked taping at Cabrini College.

“Quite honestly it’s exhilarating,” Sestak said. “The students here really seem to care.”

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Chris Campellone

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