Computer, education and science at top of the market

By Melani Gomes
October 23, 2003

St. Pioneer Press/KRT

As a new class day starts at Cabrini and the Widener lot becomes filled with cars, it seems likely that the reason so many students spend over $18,000 a year to attend classes is to one day hold a successful job.

Although this is true for students across the country, recent problems with the economy have left many jobless and scared.

“The fact of the matter is, our country has to generate more jobs.” Nancy Hutchison, director of Cooperate and Education services, said. “There are jobs out there, but fewer opportunities then there were five years ago.”

When asked which fields are having the most placements, Hutchison said, “Jobs with computers are thriving because of our demand for technology.

According to Hutchison, education and science are flourishing, and business is as open now as it has been in years.

Which majors at Cabrini are good choices? “Cabrini students who major in accounting always seem to do well.” Hutchison said.

Another successful career choice would be working for the government.

“Within the next five years, the federal government will be retiring and desperately trying to let students in. There are tremendous opportunities there,” Hutchison said.

At Cabrini, there are several things one can do to better prepare for an opportunity and placement for a job. Hutchison said, “Do things that will make you stand out. Take advantages of internships. Start networking to better enhance your skills.”

There are several job fairs taking place this year which is a good idea for those still unsure of their future plans. Hutchison said,”Take advantage of these fairs.”

One happening later this month is the Delaware Regional Job fair. “It is an all day event, free of charge, and a great way to start making contacts.” Hutchinson said.

On Wednesday, Nov. 5, Rosemont College will be hosting the annual Intercollegiate Fair. Cabrini will be the host next year.

One exciting job fair will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 11, at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.

Hutchison said, “This will be an exciting event with many people to talk to from all three neighboring states.”

Even with the recent problems with the economy, Hutchison said students need not be too worried. “In 2002 all our students did very well, with 92 percent employed full time and/or grad school.”

According to Hutchison, students should research a company. Hutchison said it is never too early to start looking at internships or sources.

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Melani Gomes

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