Commuters have a voice with new SGA President

By Staff Writer
May 2, 2002

Katie Reing

Another school year has come and gone. The summer is upon us, and after that a whole new school year full of new experiences and promises. With a new year in our future comes a new face to the Student Government Association. The newly elected SGA president is Bernadette Hazel.

Hazel wishes to keep the traditions of past SGA presidents alive, but also put her own original mark on the job. Hazel is a commuter and hopes to make commuter students feel as though they are as much an intricate part of the school and its decisions as resident students. “As a commuter, I want to make the commuter students feel more involved. I want all students to feel that they’re voices are heard and can make a difference,” Hazel said.

Hazel’s main job as president of SGA is to oversee the executive board of SGA and organizing Midnight Madness. She must make sure that all her other counterparts are doing their job to their full potential. Hazel is also the student’s liaison to the staff of Cabrini College if ever there is a complaint. Hazel is the voice of our community, if contacted she, will take the complaint to a higher forum. “I really want students to know that they can do something about their complaints by letting me know about it and something can be done. Just complaining does not do anything, feel free to contact me anytime,” Hazel said.

Hazel and other SGA members can most likely be found in their office, which is located in the Widener Center next to the mailroom. Hazel wants students to know that without their voices being heard, they cannot make a difference.

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Staff Writer

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