Commuter college

By Amanda Finnegan
November 11, 2005

It’s the loudest and most popular night at Cabrini College. The alcohol induced 2 a.m. “Hey! I know you’s!” ring throughout the hallways of all the dorms. Most college students would think, “A typical Saturday night.” Not for Cabrini students. This is a Thursday, “thirsty Thursday” to be exact. But come Friday morning, all that’s left on campus is empty cans and empty parking spaces.

For those who have classes on Fridays, they basically miss out on the whole weekend that lasts only a few short hours. Weekends here on campus seem to start early Thursday evening and end before public safety even goes off duty.

When Wednesday rolls around and I have the bulk of my work done, my mind starts to focus on the weekend and I start to think that maybe something exciting will happen around here. But as I start to ask around what everyone is doing this weekend, the list of excuses gets rolled out. “I have a dentist’s appointment” or “I have my boyfriend’s sister’s fianc

Amanda Finnegan

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