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By Loquitur Editorial Board
November 2, 2022

The entire Loquitur editorial board during layout night for the special election edition. Photo by Andrew Stovenour.
The entire Loquitur editorial board during layout night for the special election edition. Photo by Andrew Stovenour.

At a time when community has never been more important at this institution and in our society, we at the Loquitur have a responsibility to inform and educate our readers on the news that matters to you. Whether it is the abundance of change happening within the university, the idea of being a part of something bigger than ourselves, or the upcoming election, we all need to do our part. 

Community is at the very root of the human experience. From the beginning, we relied on one another to survive. 

Community is about being part of something bigger than yourself. It exists in a multitude of ways, whether it’s family, friends, people you might see passing through Cabrini’s halls, or even the neighbor you’ve never met. 

The Loquitur is a microcosm of the larger culture, with all facets of race, ethnicity, religion, political beliefs, and more. We maintain a community no matter our differences, which make us great.

Our newsroom is about community and collaboration. We work together to report on the facts that will keep the community we serve educated and engaged. We report on issues that are relevant to you, as that is our civic duty.

Sometimes the meaning of community can get foggy, and right now Cabrini University is undergoing a massive restructuring. The measures implemented within the institution will be felt from the very top of the university hierarchy to the student body, and beyond. It is imperative for us to remain positive and remember the true meaning of community while dealing with these uncertain times. Supporting each other is vital to progress. 

Inflation, education, and reproductive health are on the ballot Nov. 8. Regardless of your personal beliefs, this election will affect people of different races, religions, and socioeconomic status. This election may also flip the leadership of our state. 

You have a responsibility to use your voice and impact your community for better or for worse. 

Issues of reproductive health also affect a larger community. Pennsylvania is currently a pro-choice state with access to reproductive health care, and that is up for elimination. Children and families in need of these services will be directly affected by the outcome of this election.

Education is at risk as funding will be increased or decreased based on a candidate’s preference for public or private education. Property taxes could potentially be eliminated, or we could see a boost in state education dollars. No matter the outcome, there will be a substantial adjustment in how schools obtain their funds.  

Many vital issues on the table this election might not affect you directly but will have substantial consequences for more vulnerable communities. These groups rely on their neighbors to exercise their right to vote and show just what a sense of community can achieve. 

Cabrini is a community that truly cares, and this feeling is palpable during just a short walk through the Cabrini communication department. Whether it’s people coming in and out of graphic design rooms or the radio studio, the department is always buzzing with activity and collaboration. Professors and peers are always available to lend a helping hand, and this translates into people being more inclined to participate in things bigger than themselves.

The Loquitur cherishes the responsibility of upholding this sense of community. We hope to represent Cabrini’s voices in all their diversity, and as our community, we hope you will engage with us. When you speak, we will always listen. 


The Loquitur Editors

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Loquitur Editorial Board

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