Communication of body language

By Brandon Redmond
October 23, 2008

The definition of body language is the gestures, posture, and facial expressions by which a person manifests various physical, mental, or emotional states and communicates nonverbally with others. There are many types of body language, whether they have a good meaning or a bad meaning.

Like a show of affection or a show of hatred towards one another. Body language can be interpreted in the context of one’s lifestyle and other factors that maybe obscure. There are many gestures that people use to express their feelings and attitudes towards another person or idea.

Some nonverbal gestures are confidence, cooperation, boredom, doubt. For confidence people tend to have their hands open and palms up, also they maintain complete eye contact (re-word that sounds weird at the beginning). Cooperation is another form of body language and is used a lot with teamwork (changed from cooperation, don’t want to use the same word to define what your explaining). So examples of this are standing with hands on hips, feet apart, and head tilted. Boredom a common type of body language; yawning, legs crossed and rhythmic drumming and tapping of feet or hands are examples of this. Doubt would be pacing around also a frown in the face or a rubbing of eyes. These are some of the main ways people use communication of body language.

In addition nonverbal communication is learned and practice often on an unconscious level. People get attracted by these signs and then tend to use them. This type of communication could be good or bad if you look at it. In one way it is a way for people to communicate to one another without using words. On the other hand if the wrong gesture is sent it could cause for problems between one another.

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Brandon Redmond

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