Communication is key

By Heather DiLalla
October 16, 2003

Rob Cain

“Let’s go white” was one of the many cheers filling the air on Tuesday, Oct. 14, when the women’s field hockey team faced off against Wesley College. According to the majority of the team, strong communication skills are essential for positive play.

Head coach Jackie Neary leads her team in the communication role. Neary is spotted walking frantically up and down the sidelines clapping constantly and giving her utmost support. The girls on the sidelines seemed to move with the ball. Everyone was completely absorbed in the game; it must have been in the air. Her voice can be heard on the field no matter what the circumstance.

“Jackie always emphasizes communication and playing as a team because without it there is no way we can win,” junior Missy Modesti said.

With 16 minutes left and the score tied at one, the Lady Cavs picked its intensity up even more. After continues rapid fire on Joanne Musiolowski,Cabrini’s goalie, the ball was picked up and hurled out to the 16 yard marker by junior sweeper Julie Smith. This action caused the team an eight minute penalty and Smith received a yellow card. Wesley did not score during the penality stroke.

“The ball was on the line and it was ready to go in the goal cage. I just reacted and did what I needed to do in order to keep the ball out of the net,” Smith said. “I just didn’t want Jackie to be mad at me, or for the other team to score a goal from my mistake and luckily everything was fine.”

Although the communication was intense throughout the entire game against Wesley College, the Lady Cavaliers lost a tough battle by the score of 3-2. But that did not silence the team.

The Lady Cavs did not give up until the whistle ended the game. They kept on cheering and encouraging each other. Megan Farrell, a freshman. said, “When I am in the game and I hear the entire bench cheering, I feel as though they are all behind me, it makes me play that much harder.

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Heather DiLalla

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