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By Ryan Norris
February 21, 2002

Why did I choose to come to Cabrini? Well the main reason, I was told of all the resources that I could use. Being an English/communications major, I was told I would be able to use many things such as: the radio studio, the computers in the Mac lab or the Windows lab, the digital cameras, the video editing room and sometimes the video studio. When I was given my tour I saw all those things and Cathy Yungmann persuaded me to choose Cabrini by telling me students get to use these resources starting out as freshmen. When she said that my brain clicked on and I wanted to go to Cabrini right away.

So far, half of that has been true. Number one, any room you want to get into on the weekends is locked and you must call public safety to open it, which sometimes they will not do. Here is one example. I am an English/communications major and I am taking photography this semester. I was told we could use the cameras whenever we wanted. We just had to sign them out. Yet there is only someone working in there Monday through Thursday and they are not in there all day. I went on a Saturday when it snowed because snow is one of the perfect pictures. I was going to use it for my photography class. When I got there, the main door to Founders was locked. So I went around back and luckily the back door was open. Then I went to where the cameras are and that door was locked. So I called public safety and they said they would be right up. Of course they must be busy, seeing as it took thirty minutes for them to get there. When he did get there, he said that I could not take a camera out because I was not on the list. THERE WAS NO LIST. I told him this and he said only the people on the list can take them out. This is when I got really frustrated. So not only are there no workers from Friday until Sunday, but now I can’t take a camera out. So I never got to take pictures for my class.

You know how we scan our ID cards to get into our dorm rooms? Well the same kind of scanners are on every door in the communication center, but THEY NEVER USE THEM. Why are they there if we’re not going to use them? We are paying almost $30,000 to attend this college. That money is spent on things like scanners yet we are not using them. They should set it up so that those who are allowed in those rooms should be allowed to get into those rooms when they need to. If I would have known that I was lied to and I am not able to get to the resources I thought I was able to get to, I may not have chosen Cabrini.

Another subject is the front doors to Founders Hall. I have a radio show every Wednesday night from midnight until 2 a.m. Every week I go to those doors and they are locked and I cannot get in. I have to go to public safety and have them unlock the door and I have to fill out a form with my name and social security number every time.

If they’re going to lock the doors before midnight, then why do I have a show scheduled at that time? They can’t wait till at least after I get in there to lock them. The only thing I can think of is that they get bored.

I love Cabrini College. I love the faculty and the help around here, but the main reason I came here was because of the accessibility of these resources. I feel I was lied to and we really can’t get to these things.

These examples I presented were just a few examples. I am only one student. There are many students with this same concern who just don’t know who to go to.

I don’t know if anything will be done to help this matter, but I feel that sometimes we’re just giving our money away in return for nothing.

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Ryan Norris

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