Communication LC students walk in Mother Cabrini’s footsteps at Ellis Island

By Michelle Guerin
August 21, 2019

The freshman on their way to NYC. Photo by Michelle Guerin

Our ancestors came from all over the world and the freshman communications learning community had an inside look at how true that was, looking far in history.

Planned in 2018, 18 students were able to take a trip with a specific agenda – build a media platform, from the ground up, explaining how immigration relates to a specific part in Ellis Island’s museum.  The students were set with a specific agenda, taking ferries to Ellis Island, Battery Park, the Tenement Museum, and back to Liberty State Park.

The students ready to go. Photo by Michelle Guerin

Quote about the day in general…

During the ferry rides, tourists were able to hear bits and pieces of history on how many immigrants started migrating.  Riding the ferry almost made the students feel as if they were in the migrants’ shoes back in the 1900s.

The students were able to split up with their partners or individually to find information in the _____________.  The facility had many lost monuments recovered from old boats, belongings of migrant families, and even old documents like passports.

Quote of an example topic that someone did…

After eating lunch, the students arrived at the Tenement Museum.  Divided into two, the students were able to participate in a tour about sweatshops or about hard times.

Quote about one of the tours…

The tours were created to keep history alive.  During the tours, the students and other participants were able to ask questions about the lives of sweatshop workers or about the lives of families when they migrated.  Many children that traveled had to adapt right away to their new lives, which can be hard to believe one would drop their lives and move.

Quote of a reaction to the tour…

This trip was also helpful to understand Mother Cabrini’s life as a young teenager, being an immigrant herself.

Michelle Guerin

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