Comedian McKinney was “just on time”

By Jessie Holeva
October 18, 2007

Mary Kate Korp/Photo staff

Remember riding the bus to school in scalding hot weather only to have a tiny window to cool you off, while the bus driver has a personal fan? On Oct. 9 comedian Juston McKinney sucked in the audience at Jazzman’s café as he whipped out humorous observations like riding the bus and getting the seat with the bad window.

No, that’s not a spelling error in his first name. It’s spelled with an O because he was born “right on time,” put an emphasis on the o in on. It’s funnier when he tells the story though.

Now, about the hysterical show, it was set to start at 9 p.m., but McKinney’s plane out of Los Angeles was late due to the unpredictable weather Pennsylvania has to offer, thunderstorms. Lucky for the audience he didn’t just grab a plane to head back to his home in New Hampshire to return to his wife and new baby. The funny guy’s committed to making it to Cabrini.

Actually he was extremely committed. McKinney was supposed to appear last winter but due to snowstorms was unable to make it: the Pennsylvania weather hasn’t been working in his favor.

His observational humor had students roaring, along with his skill of picking on the audience. McKinney tours often and uses a lot of marriage material but with students, he likes to whip out stuff about growing up.

Cabrini wasn’t off limits though. Once discovering tuition price he managed to pull the high rate into his act, which students seemed to appreciate.

“I thought he was hysterical. He joked about situations that college kids go through on a daily basis, so it really fit well,” Michele fitzgerald, junior, early childhood and elementary education major said.

He does bits about school lunch, growing up and being the poor kid. On stage he said how the rich kids brought the packaged cool snacks like Fruit Roll Up. The poor kids had food wrapped in plastic bags, but not the type that zip, but baggies, the bags which fold and tuck in yet manage to seal in absolutely nothing.

McKinney performs in clubs in New York and Los Angeles along with college campuses. “I always adjust to the venue,” McKinney said. He enjoyed doing his act here and likes the intimacy of small venues but is no stranger to a huge crowd.

He’s been on Comedy Central numerous times and has a development deal with the network for a show he’d like to see animated.

Missed out on seeing Juston McKinney’s hilarious act and need a laugh? Mark your calendars! He’ll be on TBS’s “Blue Collar Comedy: Next Generation” Nov. 17.

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Jessie Holeva

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