COM freshmen shares how to be an engaging citizen on Cabrini Day

By Victoria Giordano
April 6, 2022

Cabrini Day features many student presentations.
COM LC students start the stimulation by explaining what it is to be an engaging citizen (photo by Victoria Giordano)

Freshmen of the communications learning community presented a stimulation of the “Road to Democratic Engagement” on Cabrini Day in the Dixon Center.

The stimulation was a walk-through presentation, given Nov. 16, where students talked about various topics consisting of democratic engagement. These topics included racial justice, migration, climate change and voting suppression. Democrats are known to urge to make a change, particularly in these areas.

“Doing this project has taught me a lot,” Ryan Brown, freshman accounting major, said. “It’s taught me that if you want to be an engaging citizen, you have the choice of doing many things, such as registering to vote, attending protests for what you’re engaged in and volunteering for your community. These topics have taught me how to have a voice and the urge to make a change.”

The presentation started with the lack of knowledge on voting suppression. The most important part of voting suppression is many people are unaware that back in 2013, the Supreme Court passed the Voting Act. This act allows every state to make up its voting laws. In some places, people wait in line for five hours to vote, and some have to vote provisionally due to typos in their drivers’ licenses.

A poster explaining the frustrations of voting suppression. Photo by Victoria Giordano

“Many people don’t know that voting is different in every state,” Hunter Waldron, freshman finance major, said. “Suppression is real. People are in bad situations. They need to know more about this.”

Towards the end of the presentation, the freshmen explained more in-depth what it means to be an engaging, democratic citizen of society.

“If you want to be an engaging citizen, you should vote, get involved in protests and do what you think is right,” Amber Guinn, freshman digital communication major, said.

The “Road to Democratic Engagement” stimulation taught people the importance of being a fair human in civilization and how to make our world a better place.

“I didn’t know a lot of this before we started doing this project,” Nick Barone, freshman, said. “If we educate everyone about these heartbreaking situations, there can be a solution.”

“Now is the time to speak up and do what you want,” Guinn said. “It would also be helpful if you participate.”

“I’m very proud of the students for their hard work,” Dr. Dawn Francis,  communication department chair, said. “The education they provided to participants about democratic participation.”
A poster explaining the various ways to help make the world a better place and examples of people doing so. Photo by Victoria Giordano
Students end the stimulation with more in-depth information on being engaging citizens. Photo by Victoria Giordano

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Victoria Giordano

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