College brand water not quenching everyone’s thirst

By Katie Clark
February 22, 2007

Emily Buerger

Do you know that sound a water bottle makes when it is first opened, that cracking sound? It’s such a soothing sound knowing you have a whole bottle of refreshing cold water.

Well this isn’t the sound that I hear when opening up a Cabrini College water bottle. It almost seems like the bottles are reused and the water is not fresh.

By now I am sure many people have picked up one of the new Cabrini College water bottles that were put on sale in Jazzman’s since we came back from winter break; however, I personally never picked one up until last week.

For me, I like my water from a brand name that I know is real spring water like, Dasani, Deer Park, Poland Spring, etc. What do we really know about these new water bottles?

The new water bottles contain about a half a liter of water in each bottle with the logo Cabrini College across the side of it. Cabrini says the water bottles are for advertisement purposes, but all the bottles say are Cabrini College, and are only sold in Jazzman’s.

Most people who go to Jazzman’s and eat are the students and staff. Once in a while there will be visitors for the school and such, but how much advertisement can they actually get out of a water bottle that just says the name Cabrini College?

I think it would be a better “advertisement” if the water bottles were sold more throughout the campus and also had some more advertisement about Cabrini on the bottle, even if it’s our campus slogan, “do something extraordinary.” The bottles need to be able to catch an eye, or I think this plan for advertisement will go down as a waste of money.

Besides the non-cracking, freshly new sound you hear when you open these bottles, another thing that makes me worried about these water bottles is the fact that the water just doesn’t taste like spring water.

It really just tastes like water from a sink.

I really hope Cabrini isn’t selling us water that we can easily get for free anywhere else.

After asking a few of my friends what they thought of the new water bottles, it became obvious that this new marketing project for Cabrini probably isn’t going to prosper the way they would like.

Many people drink water, yes, but as Americans we love our popular brand names for water bottles.

I do think this advertisement project for Cabrini is creative but there are probably more ways of advertising then taking our brand name water bottles away. At least leave us decent water to drink. The food is bad enough sometimes, but that is a whole other story.

Katie Clark

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