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By Michael Bevelaqua
November 9, 2000

Indiana University

The state of Indiana has not cast a single vote for a presidential candidate since 1964, when Lyndon B. Johnson became president. However, every four years thousands of Indiana residents vote for democratic candidates.

Many people argue that the Electoral College is flawed in that it does not let everyone’s vote count as much. Professor Emeritus Thomas Wolf says, “A democrat in Indiana can forget about having any influence on the Electoral College.”

University of Pennsylvania

Many women on the U Penn campus have strong opinions on abortion and are heavily considering the candidate’s stances on the topic.

Al Gore is protecting the right of women to have an abortion while George W. Bush is pro-life. The candidate’s positions on the topic will be one of, if not the strongest deciding factors of the election.

University of Virginia

Escalating violence in the Middle East is causing concern for the Muslim and Jewish students of the University of Virginia.

Some argue that Yassar Arafat should not forfeit land to Israel that was previously held by Palestine. Others passionately feel that Barak should not concede Jewish holy sites to Palestine.

Joint access is another option, because Israel can be a haven for all faiths as long as the creation of an independent Palestine state does not interfere or compromise Israeli safety.

Harvard University

Napster has agreed to a monthly service charge, funneling some of the profits to record companies and artists that hold copyrights to songs.

Although the details have not been fully worked out, Napster plans to charge a $4.95 monthly fee. Harvard University’s president said it is not Harvard’s prerogative to enforce copyright laws. However, he said that it is important that there be some way to regulate the pirating of music.

Auburn University

Thanks to state funded grants; schools in Lee County Alabama will be able to monitor their students using security cameras.

According to the governor’s office, 15,816 school violence acts were reported in Alabama schools during the 1998-1999 school year. Larry DiChiara, the safety coordinator if the Lee County school system said, “It’s not that we have a problem, we use them as a deterrent for behavior.”

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Michael Bevelaqua

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