College administration search facebook for prospective students

By Lauren Townsend
September 27, 2007

Colleges have added to their application process when looking over college hopefuls’ applications. Beginning this fall, Brown University will screen their applicants not only by their applications, essays and letters of recommendation but by also viewing their profiles on

Brown University’s Dean of Admissions, James Miller, says “We don’t use Facebook unless someone says there’s something we should look at. Anything we get, we follow up on”

Some admissions officers at the university argue that “facebook is a public place” therefore obtaining information from a public source is far from unfair. Others like Associate Excutive Director of the American Association of Collegiate Registars and Admissions Officers, Barmak Nassiran, strongly disagree with this method.

Like these officers of admission, Cabrini College students also have mixed feelings about this new policy. Whitney Ford, a Junior Education major, believes that using Facebook as a part of the application process is fair. “Business’s look at Facebook and Myspace profiles to make their decisions, why shouldn’t Colleges” Ford says that she keeps in mind that her online profiles could be viewed by current or future employers or schools. “Your personal profile should somewhat match your professional profile” says Ford.

Laura Hennessy, Bio Major, Junior, agrees. “Colleges should be able to use any source that they need to make a well rounded, good decision.”

Freshman, Cathleen Flynn, Communications Major, disagrees. “That’s Stupid” she says in reaction to the new application policies. Michael Dunphy, Political Science Major, says “If Colleges are monitoring things like facebook, it leaves us little room to be human.” Eric DiSantis, English Major, agrees in saying, “College Admission Boards never used facebook before. The old methods worked just fine, why changed them now. It’s ridiculous.”

Lauren Townsend

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