College campuses need change concerning climate change

By Michelle Guerin
April 9, 2018


Did you know that globally, humans buy a million plastic water bottles per minute, according to Ford?

College campuses can often be filled with people who either care about the environment and who are aware of climate change, and others who could not care less and liter on a daily basis.

How can you prevent damaging the Earth for our generation and the future?

Six-hundred million trees are chopped down every year by the tobacco industry. Keep in mind that for every 15 packs of cigarettes a smoker smokes, one tree had to die, according to Tabacco Free Life.


Think about using reusable containers. Styrofoam is plastic and hurts the environment!


According to Save on Energy, when you consume less power, you reduce the amount of toxic fumes released by power plants. Conserve the Earth’s natural resources and protect ecosystems from destruction.


Recycle. Doing this simple action decreases pollution.


Save paper by not printing as much or by reusing paper.


Buy a reusable bottle. According tot PowerUp, “the average human need[s] to drink four plastic bottles per day. You would be saving 1,460 plastic bottles per year by using a reusable bottle.”
Don’t litter. This helps save the wildlife and the Earth!


Don’t do it!

Photos by Michelle Guerin.

Michelle Guerin

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