College athletes must handle school and sports

By Jessica Tennett
October 10, 2016


Collegiate athletics are now underway and athletes are now are torn between balancing not only the demands of their coaches, but their schoolwork as well. Balancing both school and sports can become a struggle for those adjusting to life on their own.

Playing a sport in high school is nowhere near the demand of playing a sport in college. Sports in college not only test your love of the game, but your ability to manage your schoolwork without parents nagging you.

Freshman often have the hardest time adjusting to school with work being thrown into the mix. The focus that was once solely on getting in shape for the sport often now falls behind the course load thrown at them.

“It is a lot of running around now, balancing field hockey and homework,” freshman psychology major Katie Heck said. “So I have been getting less sleep than I usually do.”

Some freshmen find that adding schoolwork  is not as difficult as they imagined it would be. To some it is similar to high school with the added freedom that college grants as the only thing differentiating the two.

“It is about the same as high school managing the two,” freshman accounting major Mary Kate Kane said. “Although we have more homework in college, we have less classes so there is more free time.”

Some athletes find that once school work comes in to the picture, it makes everything easier. Having school in the mix forces athletes to complete their school work on time without hesitation.

“I actually find it is easier to balance both school and field hockey as opposed to just school,” junior English major Ryan Taylor said. “I work well under pressure and it forces me to do my school work,” Taylor said.



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Jessica Tennett

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