Co-ed dorm rooms create new distraction for Syracuse students

By Holly Prendergast
November 5, 2009

Syracuse University in Syracuse, N.Y. has recently announced that starting in the fall 2010 semester they will be piloting co-ed suite dorm rooms.

The rooms will have two bedrooms, one for the male and one for the female with a common area room. In this pilot program, 74 students will be selected at random to participate if they wish.

I do not think that this is a good idea for Syracuse University to propose. Yes, they are just moving along with the times and things are changing, but I just think that this is taking things too far. I think that this will promote promiscuity and I think that it will only act as a distraction for the students.

I do understand that many people have friends who are of the opposite sex that they would like to live with, but I feel as though more people will be trying to live with their significant other.

I also understand that people should have the right to live with whomever they choose, but I feel that living with a significant other while in a college campus setting will only cause problems.

Imagine if two people who were living together, and were dating, then they break up and want nothing to do with one another.

What is residence life supposed to do? Accommodate them and place them in different housing just because they have broken up? I feel that this program will cause more problems than happiness.

I also do not think that this is a good idea because I think that many parents and guardians will be against this policy. Syracuse University is a very reputable institution, and I personally think that by instating this program, they will have less applicants.

I think that by allowing this program, many parents will be discouraging their children from applying to this school.

By allowing co-ed suites at Syracuse University, I think that many people will become distracted and it will only further complicate living situations. Living with someone of the same sex is stressful enough with all of the differences that two people have, but imagine two people of the opposite sex living together.

I feel that it will cause two much drama and unnecessary drama at that.

Living with someone of the opposite sex is acceptable; however, I do not think that it is acceptable in a college campus setting. College is about learning, getting a degree and having fun. I do not think that living with someone of the opposite sex is necessary to fulfill any of these aspects.

All in all, I think that living with someone of the opposite sex can wait until after college life. I think that by living with someone of the opposite sex, there will only be distractions, drama and unnecessary problems.

I think that if Syracuse University were smart they would not institute this program because I think that in the end it will only cause preventable problems that never have to occur.

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Holly Prendergast

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