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January 29, 2004

To all Eagles fans, I know you are disappointed by another heartbreaking loss, but look on the bright side–you are not half as disappointed as all the Cabrini “NY Giant” fans that don’t have anyone to root against now that the Birds have lost. Sorry Giant fans, we will try harder next year to give another week of rooting against us when we are in the Super Bowl!

The goods news for Giants fans is from what I hear that the Giants have gotten off to an unbelievable start in their charity bowling league which they have been playing in since the end of the regular season, which for them was sometime in mid-October!

Finally to all Cabrini College students and faculty, please don’t be afraid to go over to the Dixon Center and support your winter sports teams, especially this weekend with some big games on the docket. If you really want to get crazy, wear something that says Cabrini on it and is Royal Blue and White. (Our school colors in case you didn’t know!) See you there.

“Coach says” is a weekly column written by an anonymous Cabrini coach. The opinion and ideas expressed by the coach are not that expressed by the Loquitur and its editing staff.

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