Club Opening on Campus

By Alex Pittinsky
September 17, 2009

Big news for all of you that like to party and like the club scene! There was a grand opening of Club 610 here on the Cabrini College campus. The club opening/dance was held Thursday, Sept. 3 at 10 p.m. and it took place in the Dixon Center. As well as Cabrini students, Eastern students were welcomed for only $5 a person at the door or $3 a person ahead of time.

Although it was sponsored and paid for in full by the school, it was hosted by club sports teams including Dance team, Hockey team and Lacrosse team. The Dance team set up and ran the entire event with its three different sections–dance floor area, Wii game area and what was called the “mocktail” area.

The DJ for the night, 2001 alumnus Nick Luchko, was spinning all the newest hip-hop, rap and pop songs. The building was dark and loud and everyone was on the dance floor. In the Wii area there was a projection screen setup for the ultimate Wii experience.

Sophomore and Education major Melissa Szymborski said, “I’ve never seen a Wii at a dance before, that’s a cool idea,” Melissa Szymborski, sophomore and education majo said

Directly next to the Wii area was the mocktail area filled with plenty of choices of beverages and mixtures of drinks, all non-alcoholic of course. For every drink that was acquired, the consumer had to scan their ID so that later emails would be sent out that would explain what their Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) would have been if the “mocktails” were in fact, cocktails.

The email process is an indirect and smart approach to educate students about drinking. Club 610 closed at 1 a.m and although there was a little chaos leaving the building, all in all, it was a fun night for the students.

“It was great seeing all of my friends having such an awesome time together, I wish more people knew about it,” Matthew Keller, sophomore and Exercise Science major said. Most of you probably did not know about Club 610 due to the lack of advertisement.

Cabrini Dance team captain, Jackie Marciano, senior and Havertown native said, “It was supposed to be an underground dance and the idea was that most of the administration would not know about it and everyone would enter through the back door of Dixon (as if we [the dance team] had a key) and even though we did not promote the event we had a great turn out.”

“Eventually we would like to get Club 610 to resemble a real club in which the students over twenty-one can obtain alcoholic drinks and everyone can have a good time together,” Marciano said.

The profits were divided up between all the club sports hosts of the night so Dance Team says a big thanks to anyone who attended.

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Alex Pittinsky

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