Club inspires deep thought

By Michael Segea
November 11, 2005

There are fresher methods of expanding your college experience and escaping the mindless boredom of habitual activity. A rich and fulfilling culture booming on Cabrini Campus is present and its roots are in the Philosophy Department.

Every other Wednesday at 3:15 a group of students meets in the “fishbowl” on the second floor of Holy Spirit Library and discuss questions. This Philosophy Club is open to every individual that steps onto the campus. There are no stuffy conversations about class content or anything of that nature. It is actually a good time of laughs and insight into the ironies of the world around us. Philosophy Professors Dr. Schwarze, Dr. Romano, Professor Lape, and Professor Gorman regularly attend these meetings and their relaxed yet informative presence brings about the atmosphere of hanging out with your favorite aunt or uncle, the one that tells you those facts of life that your parents are too timid to reveal. The meetings are an outstanding intellectual benefit but are in no way held in a classroom environment.

Last spring Ben Gorman organized the group to take a trip to the Philadelphia Art Museum to observe the artistic works of Salvador Dali, a twentieth century eccentric. The exhibit would have been almost impossible for students to get into without the Philosophy Club’s initiative. Dali’s controversial paintings incited various discussions about human sexuality and spirituality at the following group meting. Students may even be interested in some deep, self-explorative conversation without worry of sounding too deep or “weird.” Students would be able to enjoy a free and open environment.

This year, a trip to the Philadelphia Mutter Museum is in the works. The mutter Museum acts as a “Ripley’s Believe It or Not-esque” exhibition of scientific abnormalities, including a human-unicorn. After the trip, the group will discuss various aspects of life that science cannot explain and that the Bible just didn’t have enough room for.

For students who cannot make a meeting with the Philosophy Club, there is a message board online. The website is Click on the “Philosophy Club” link to the left, and then click on the “Message Board” link to read and submit posts. This message board has a section devoted to “Course Related” content where both Philosophy and non-philosophy majors can ask questions for help on studying for tests and writing papers. There is also a section of “Non-course Related” content where anyone can strike up a philosophical post about pretty much anything that is on their mind, such as the meaning of life or the fear of death.

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Michael Segea

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