Clinton’s the woman

By Danielle Kaine
March 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton is your man, uh, woman.

Why? First, she is the only candidate in this presidential election that is focusing on a health care plan that will cover every American. She’s also dedicated to restoring the middle class in America; a class that is perilously moving to extinction during the last seven years. For any student’s whose parents are having a difficult time financing their education, she is committed to making education more affordable for the middle class, and especially for families that are financially strapped. She also has well- thought-out ideas for bolstering retirement savings plans and has firm plans to turn the economy around and save the faltering housing market.

Clinton has always been an advocate for women’s rights and the welfare of children. Her first job out of Harvard Law School was working for the Children’s Fund. Under a Madame Clinton administration, environmental laws that were weakened and outright eliminated under the Bush administration will be restored and strengthened so that your children might actually have fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink and not have to mortgage the house to fill up the car.

Hillary Clinton is your choice in the Pennsylvania Democratic presidential primary.

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Danielle Kaine

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