Clinton appointed to new UN position

By Kristen Catalanotto
February 3, 2005

Former President Bill Clinton wasnamed head of the tsunami recovery and relief movement for the United Nations. U.N . Secretary-General Kofi Annan chose Clinton for the position. In the past few weeks, Clinton and former president George H.W. bush have been making commercials and traveled all over the United in order to help raise money for the relief effort. The news about Clinton’s possible new position leaked out just as reports were surfacing Clinton’s possible chance of becoming the U.N. Secretary-General after Annan retires next year. Clinton and his spokesman have yet to comment on his future with the United Nations, according to MSNBC.

Hoax causes a stir
A group calling themselves Al Mujahedin Brigade made claims that that are holding a U.S. soldier hostage. They were threatening to behead the soldier if prisoners were not released. A photo of the soldier along with their name was posted on an Islamic website. The U.S. military was not authenticating the claims at first. According to the Islamic website, the man was dressed in U.S. military fatigues and a assault rifle is being pointed at his head. The background behind the soldier read, “they have up to 72 hours from the date of the posting of this statement to answer our demand, otherwise we will sacrifice the blood of this infidel animal and offer it as a sacrifice to God, and his fate will be like that of hundreds of his comrades in the army of the occupation.” After much examination, the military came to the conclusion that the entire ordeal was a hoax. Apparently the “soldier” in the video was a military action figure that came with guns as accessories. Military analysis were questioning the armor vest the soldier was wearing because it didn’t look like the typical issued vest. It wasn’t until the manufacturer of the action figure realized that it was their product, that the final conclusion was made, according to CNN.

NASA look to future
The second anniversary of the Columbia disaster was on Tuesday, Feb. 1. NASA says that they are ready to launch a shuttle again, possibly as May. When NASA does launch the a shuttle, Discovery will be the one to take to the skies. NASA was required to make several changes after the a foam paneling was discovered to be the reason for the Columbia disaster. NASA astronauts now have the ability to repair any damage that may occur during a lift off. The final decision will be made sometime in March concerning whether or not Discovery will fly in May, according to CNN.

Cell phones danger while driving
A study has found what most people already knew, talking on the cell phone while driving can be deadly and can cause traffic. The study found that those using cell phones have the reaction of a 70 year old that does not use a cell phone while driving. Each year, 2,600 people are killed due to accidents caused by those talking on cell phones and 330,000 are injured. Hands-free cell phone use also distract drivers because they too are not really paying full attention to the road, according to MSNBC.

Former model sues and wins
Former model Russell Christoff was awarded $15.6 million by California judge. Christoff was given the money because he sued Nestle USA for using his picture without his permission on their Taster’s choice coffee labels. The picture came from a 1986 photo shoot that Christoff had with the company. He never heard back from the company, so he figured the shoot was not successful. It wasn’t until 2002 when he saw his face on the labels in a grocery store. Nestle USA plans to appeal the verdict, according to

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Kristen Catalanotto

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