Clean eating trend a risky way of living

By Seneca White
January 22, 2018

There are many different types of food that people can choose from. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

When it comes to food, there are all types of ways people eat or don’t eat. In America, we like to make these different ways of eating or not eating socially acceptable trends. Eating should be a matter of pleasure in indulgence, not a matter in pain in indulgence.

Clean eating is the practice of following a strict diet that contains only natural foods and that is low on sugar, salt and fat. Some people who follow this trend think it is a major movement, spurred by people from all walks of life, who want to feel good about what they are putting in their bodies.

You may be one of these people who eat clean or may know someone who does and may think it is a harmless trend just to live a healthier lifestyle.

Clean eating can have good benefits: some of them are fat loss, weight loss, clearer skin and shinier hair.

The concept of clean eating is not that difficult to understand. This has been around for years so it is not new at all. It is just that this generation is more aware of all the food-related health risks such as MSG’s and other things in our everyday foods.

Even though people go to doctors and nutritionists, these eating trends are a way of being in control of their own life and what they are putting in their bodies.

According to Mayo Clinic, some key principles that align with basic principles of healthy eating are eating more real foods, eating regular balanced meals and eating healthy snacks that are nourishing. These are the benefits from being involved in the clean eating.

As there are some positive aspects to clean eating, there are also some negatives as well.

Since this is a popular trend going around, it also has caught the eye and attention of impressionable high school kids. This is not the first food trend that has been passed around in high school, making it very risky for them at a young age.

These kids are at an age where everything that they wear, eat and watch is all for conforming to what society is telling them.

People put a lot of thought into what they eat. Photo from Wikimedia commons.

According to the UK Times, some people obsess over food so much, they refuse to even drink tap water.

Also, mental health experts say that this increasingly popular clean eating dietary trend is leaving a growing number of teenagers who are very thin and even at risk of dying when it is taken to extremes. Clean eating has more than a physical impact. It can cause mental problems.

I think any type of trend can go from really good to really bad because of social media, young people and the trend’s own negative affects.

It is easier to say, as a junior in college, that I would not get sucked into all the hype of these clean eating trends because I do not prefer that, but if you probably were to ask a 16-year-old girl in high school, she would maybe have a different response because of the pressures at that young age.

I personally would not follow this clean eating trend just because I still make sure I eat what I want including unhealthy and healthy foods, but I just learned to balance out the two and throw a bit of exercise in as well.

I think the clean eating trend can be a good thing but I would want advocates or specialists to speak on the truth about how this could go bad and how it is not a bad thing if you do not follow the clean route.

There is a lot of research out there if you are interested in living a heather lifestyle, but also remember there are negative affects with any trend you follow or are a part of.

I say eat whatever you want but also be smart about your choices.


Seneca White

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