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By Kimberly White
March 11, 2005

Ryan Norris

Ensuring one’s graduation from college in a specific year is crucial. Although some students claim to be on the “five or six year plan,” most college students plan on receiving their bachelor’s degree after successfully completing four years.

Graduating on time is a major thought on most students’ minds, although for some people it’s a question as to whether or not it will happen.

Many Cabrini students believe that enrolling in accelerated summer courses at community colleges and having the credits transferred to Cabrini is always a possibility if one finds that he or she needs more credits to graduate and must take summer courses.

Furthermore some students choose to enroll in these summer courses at community colleges in an effort to save money because taking summer courses at those schools is much more cost effective than taking summer courses at Cabrini.

However, students who plan on enrolling in courses elsewhere should be informed that it’s not always as easy as it seems. In order to have a successful plan of a course schedule one must organize all ideas and speak with representatives from each department before registering for summer courses at community colleges and assuming they will transfer.

I was under the impression that by reading through the transferable course link on Cabrini’s website I would be able to determine which courses would transfer from specific community colleges, and then I would be able to register for classes at the community school of my choice.

Wrong. It seems that you are not permitted to take classes for your major at any other institution. Also, all Cabrini students must take their final 30 credits at Cabrini. Finally, you must check with any department chairperson regarding any course transfer.

I don’t think most students, including myself know about all of the specific details regarding transferable courses. I planned on taking a few classes at a community college over the summer in order to catch up so that I could graduate on time. I planned on taking a few electives and also a few core classes. I then learned I could not take any classes for my major elsewhere and also that Cabrini students must take all of their last 30 credits at Cabrini.

Also, I planned on taking science cores at a community college in the summer until I found out that none of the labs are transferable and I must also speak with the science chairperson before the classes will transfer.

Luckily I found out in time so I still have a chance to take these classes at Cabrini since my original plan is no longer an option. I now know that taking classes at another institution in order to save money or earn credits quickly is not as easy as one may believe.

I think Cabrini should make these specific rules and regulations available for public knowledge. I always found out too late or after I thought I had my schedule of classes planned out.

Students who believe that taking classes elsewhere and having the credits transferred should be informed that they should research their plans before making any final decisions.

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Kimberly White

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