Clarkson back on tour for good?

By Diana Vilares
November 1, 2007


Kelly Clarkson rocked the Tower Theater in Upper Darby Thursday, Oct. 18, performing a short, but exceptional show.

The anticipation of Clarkson’s 8 p.m. performance had fans on the edge of their seats. Young girls jumped up and down like they had mistaken Red Bull for ginger ale while couples cuddled and girlfriends thanked their boyfriends for their tickets to the concert.

At roughly 9 p.m. the lights went down and the curtain rose to expose dark silhouettes of a band and a young woman sporting a fashionable blonde bob. Clarkson opened with a song from her new album, “My December”.

Clarkson came out wearing a red strapless dress that after a flash of light followed by a black out “magically” revealed her in black pants and shirt, accented with a necklace that on a regular person would have been considered unnecessary and gaudy.

The lighting technicians get two thumbs up due to their kick-butt job at selecting color that perfectly depicted the emotions intertwined in Clarkson’s music. And emotion full they are indeed. Fans reverberated her words, while one particular fan felt compelled to rid herself of her shirt.

She must have mistaken Clarkson for Axel Rose. Or maybe it was the Coors Light talking.

The show ran smoothly with an intermission that lasted no longer than a minute.

After her short break, Clarkson rejoined the audience and belted out fan-favorite “Since you’ve been gone” from her sophomore album. The estrogen in the room flared and the popular “rock on” hand signal was immediately thrown into the air in appreciation.

The heterosexual men in the room must have been a little out of their comfort zone, but to each their own.

Despite the hour and a half duration of the performance, Clarkson delivered real talent. Using her vocal instrument to the best of her ability, Clarkson’s rock out was a knock out.

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Diana Vilares

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