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By Kelly Murphy
December 8, 2005

Matt Schill

You might see him giving a tour of the campus one Thursday morning. You might see him practicing for cross country at the Dixon Center. But you will most likely see him in his room playing with a guitar, practicing some songs for the next open mic night.

His name is Chris Sweeney. His friends call him “C Note,” a reference to his musical talent. He is one of the familiar faces around campus, always noticeable by his trademark white Timex hat.

A native of Ambler, Pa., Sweeney was introduced to the world of music by his father and brother. His interest in the guitar sparked at the age of 14, and from then on, Sweeney was hooked on making music.

Once Sweeney began his freshman year at Cabrini, he started to write lyrics with the intent to sing. “I always wanted to sing, but I would get so nervous in front of my family,” Sweeney said. Once at home for Christmas break last year, Sweeney recorded his first song, “Hanilee.” It is now the first track on his debut album, “Williow Tree.”

Along with having a love for music, Sweeney has a natural talent. “I’m like goofy. When I start to play a song, I start to hear all the other instruments coming in with it in my head. Like I hear a little piano over here and then a little drum over there,” he said. Sweeney practiced this process all summer long and dedicated himself to recording. He wrote, recorded and produced “Willow Tree” completely solo. “It was like my full time job,” Sweeney said. “I was so eager to get it done.”

The CD entitled “Willow Tree” has a website that coincides with it. Once on the site,, you can download any of Sweeney’s ten new tracks, from the upbeat song “Inside” to more mellow tracks like “Life Without.” There is also a guestbook, a photo section, news and an upcoming shows section.

When asked who has had the greatest musical influence on him, he said, “My dad and my brother definitely, but like famous people, like wise Damien Rice.”

When asked what he sounded like, he said, “A little bit of Chris Sweeney with a touch of Chris Sweeney on the side,” he claimed. Original.

Over Christmas break, Sweeney plans to play a few shows, but you can definitely catch him at the next open mic night at Jazzman’s.

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Kelly Murphy

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