Choosing a major requires careful consideration

By Kristin Agostinelli
November 12, 2004

As every college student knows, choosing a major can be critical in finding a job after graduation. However, the demand for certain jobs are on the rise and the demand for particular majors are few and far in between. There is no guarantee to any college student that they will find a job with the newly acquired skills that they have attained in the four to five years of being in school.

For example, taken from, professors at Northeastern University found that a students’ major is more important that the college that he or she attended when establishing a salary after graduation.

In my opinion, a student needs to put careful consideration into choosing what major he or she wants to dive into. For instance, the recent decline among technology and computer science majors has spawned a rise in accounting majors. Certain fields of interest have gone down, while others have gone up in demand. There has also been a recent rise in business and entrepreneurship being a major as well.

There is no guarantee that a student will find a job, but, in my opinion, as long as the student is happy with their major, then they will try to find a job that is suitable for them.

Although I feel choosing a major is important in shaping a students’ career, I do not feel there should be pressure put upon that student to decide a major right away.

In my opinion, I feel deciding what to do with the rest of your life in one year is somewhat overwhelming.

A student is given an average of four years to become knowledgeable in their area of study, and when finished, they are expected to create a resume and search for a job that pertains to that area.

If they do not find a job after graduation, then it is their loss. After graduation you are thrown into the “real world” and are on your own.

No one can help you but yourself.

This is why choosing a college major is an extremely important decision that will affect the rest of a person’s life.

On the other hand, picking a college major is not like picking a career.

Not all majors will dictate a job profession. Areas such as medical studies, accounting, or engineering will guide a student in that direction, but if choosing another major, the courses that a student will be taking will guide them in handling a wide range of careers. It is then up to the student to pursue their area of interest.

Most undecided students fall into the category of choosing a major by process of elimination, however, this may not be the best way of choosing an area of interest.

Stick to a field that you are interested in learning about, and stay with it.

It will greatly help you out in the future.

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Kristin Agostinelli

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