Choose your friends wisely

By Chris Jones
September 25, 2003

Marisa Gallelli

Last year being called a “hermit” didn’t really affect me that much. I was asked, “how come you stay in your room a lot? How come you work a lot off campus?” I was asked several times to hang out, or join this organization, or be apart of this team. I simply refused, for I didn’t feel safe enough to make myself available. I didn’t want to be exposed.

This year I decided to become a little more active, participate, and allow myself to be more vulnerable. I am currently participating in several things and it actually feels nice to be a part of them. I’m getting to know people and letting them into my world little by little.

Guess what? That turned out to be a mistake. Barely a month into school and people here begin the gossiping. I barely know these people and they talk about me. My fear was that I would be talked about and no one likes when they are the center of gossip.

If people have a problem with you, or want to say something to you, they should say it to your face. They should address it to you, especially if you are on a team, where you are supposed to work together. What makes it worse is when they act phony to your face. They know that you know they were talking about you. They want to smile at you and act like nothing ever happened. They want to be your best friend and sit next to you in classes. They want to call you and instant message you.

When people contradict themselves saying they don’t like to talk about others and then do the opposite disappoints me. These are the people who are praised all the time and are looked at like they are the greatest. I find that disgusting and juvenile. My best friends and I always said that college is high school all over again. After 12th grade comes 13th grade and so on.

People wonder why I didn’t talk before, why I stay to myself, and why I select friends carefully. Now you see why; everyone cannot be trusted. The word “friend” is used loosely in today’s society and people don’t realize it. I make sure that word is used cautiously and that’s why I can count my friends on one hand. I guess my point is to be careful who you trust, who you talk to, who you confide in, who your team member is and who you call a “friend.”

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Chris Jones

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