Chivalry: is it still out there?

By Liz Garrett
October 18, 2007

It is interesting to imagine the way life would be if we ladies were the princesses stranded in the highest castle tower, hoping that a courageous knight would come to the rescue.

Then of course that day would eventually arrive and it would be nothing short of perfection. The knight would come riding gallantly along and find his way across the treacherous moat only to discover the wicked witch and her dragon waiting.

He would skillfully slay the fire-breathing dragon, and by horseback chase the witch off of a rocky cliff. With haste, the knight comes back to remove the princess from her sadness. He mounts the horse with the lady in his arms and they disappear into the sunset happily ever after.

Not once during this fairytale did the knight doubt that it was his responsibility to go through so much trouble for his princess. She never lifted a finger and that was the way life actually occurred at the time of the Middle Ages. Chivalry was embedded in the minds of men during that era, and it has slowly become less and less common as the years progress. Is chivalry still alive?

Many people have concluded to themselves that they feel chivalry is long gone. I thoroughly disagree with this popular assumption. Chivalrous acts used to be an expectation of men. However nowadays, it seems that it really depends on the couple and their relationship. Some couples believe in equality and others still prefer the old fashioned approaches.

Whether people wish to admit it, women have become extremely independent over the years. Certain ladies consider it odd to have a gentleman open the door for them, or have their chair pulled out before sitting down to dinner. It might just not be something all women seek in a relationship.

The times have changed dramatically and new developments such as technology might have something to do with it. How much time do people spend online or watching television? No wonder the simple chivalrous acts are being forgotten and buried under layers of self-centeredness. It is unfortunate to say but several people are 100 times more concerned about themselves than people used to be.

The chances are very likely of men basing chivalry on the way women treat them. Is she really worth it? They are not going to go the extra mile if they feel that the woman is undeserving of such conduct. So the lack of chivalry is not something that should be 100 percent the man’s fault, women must be respectful as well.

Chivalry also depends very much upon the way a boy is raised. Children are normally products of their parents. A boy would not learn the need to put ladies first if never sees his father rush around the car, to open the door for his wife.

At the end of a date, I have never once been asked to pick up the check and that is something that makes a girl really pleased to say. I do ask permission to pay for outings each time. However I always get my offer refused. I will insist on making a contribution if a bill is too high and that is when I will not take no for an answer.

Is it not most women’s dream to be treated like royalty by the man they spend their time with? Instead of people complaining about the rare occurrences of chivalry today, it would make more sense to add the time back into their day to say and do the things that truly matter.

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Liz Garrett

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